I know, this new little blog is going to attempt to agree with a guy pointing out the problems with Linux on the desk top? Confession time, I am not an expert in Open Source by any stretch of the imagination. I am trying to learn all I can about this movement because I think the concepts are fantastic and my husband so passionate about the topic. That said, it seems that there are plenty of hurdles in the way of making this movement as big as it could be. These hurdles are outlined in this great article. Sadly at the end, the author, Matt Hartley predicts he will be flamed. Maybe if more that four people read my blog I would be too for agree with him and having such limited knowledge. But as Dr. Phil would say, “You can not change what you don’t acknowledge.”

This blog is my attempt at educating me and maybe a few others about open source in a real and less technical manner. Hopefully, with the help of the community, I can really do this.